Travel Tech Platform

Travel Tech Platform

A unique property rental platform, distinguishing itself through an invite-only model to foster trust among its users.




Our client aimed to launch a unique property rental platform, distinguishing itself through an invite-only model to foster trust among its users. This approach was envisioned to create a more secure and reliable environment for property rentals, akin to platforms like Airbnb but with an emphasis on exclusivity and community trust.


The primary challenge was to develop a web and mobile application that supports an invite-only authentication flow, integrating seamlessly with email and LinkedIn for sign-ups. The platform needed to offer a comprehensive suite of features for both guests and hosts, including property listings, search functionalities, booking capabilities, and a chat system for post-booking communications.


Our solution was a dual-platform application designed for both web and mobile use, built using cutting-edge technologies. The development focused on creating a user-friendly interface while ensuring robust backend functionalities to support the unique features of our platform:

  • Invite-Only Authentication Flow: Implemented a secure and exclusive authentication process, allowing existing users to send invites to potential new users through email or LinkedIn, ensuring a trusted user base.
  • Create Listing Flow: Enabled hosts to add their listings directly on the platform or sync their existing properties from other listing platforms. This included automatic syncing of property details, prices, and availability to ensure real-time accuracy.
  • Search Flow: Developed an advanced search feature with filters such as location, dates, price range, and amenities, accompanied by map and list result displays.
  • Listing Details: Provided comprehensive listing information, including amenities, sleeping arrangements, and an area safety score.
  • Booking and Payment Flow: Integrated payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, added functionalities for travel insurance purchases, and introduced a travel credits system for discounts on future bookings.
  • Chat System: Implemented a chat feature for communication between guests and hosts after booking, facilitating better coordination and enhancing user experience.
  • Booking Cancellation Flow: Developed a flexible cancellation policy feature, allowing users to cancel bookings in line with specific property policies.

Main Challenges

Integrating third-party listing providers posed significant challenges, particularly in maintaining up-to-date property information and handling potential errors or API changes. We addressed these challenges by implementing robust mechanisms for health monitoring and error detection to prevent issues like incorrect price calculations or double bookings. The platform employs automated actions to stabilize these integrations, complemented by threshold-based notifications and a comprehensive monitoring dashboard for administrators. This proactive approach ensures high availability and reliability of property listings, enhancing user trust and platform integrity.

Technologies Used

The project was developed using ReactJS and React Native for frontend development, NodeJS and ExpressJS for the backend, GraphQL for data queries and mutations, and hosted on AWS for scalability and reliability. This technology stack was chosen for its maintainability, scalability, and performance. This stack supports rapid development, ensuring the application remains cutting-edge and responsive to the evolving needs of its users.

Key Results

The platform successfully launched with over 30,000 active property listings and more than 20,000 users, showcasing the effectiveness of the invite-only model in creating a trusted community for property rentals.

Future Innovations

The platform plans to integrate generative AI into various features to enhance the user experience further. This includes applications such as personalized travel recommendations, automated customer service, and enriched content creation. By leveraging generative AI, the platform aims to set new standards in travel technology, offering users a more engaging, efficient, and personalized experience.

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  • Over 30,000 listings launched
  • 20,000+ users from invite-only
  • Tech stack: ReactJS, NodeJS, AWS
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